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Bible Quilt Sampler

From : Jun 28, 2017 10:00:00 AM To : Jun 28, 2017 6:00:00 PM Venue : Birdhouse Quilts

Event has Expired!

Bible Quilt Sampler

Each month come join us in prayer and then learn how to make blocks for this beautiful quilt. From the master of the historically inspired sample quilt, Laurie Aaron Hird, come 96, classic 6-inch blocks depicting biblical passages. These blocks represent the major people, events and themes in The Bible from Genesis to Revelation. Ninety-six classic quilt blocks are paired with ninety-six Bible passages from the Old and New Testaments, with a finished queen-sized quilt design. Principal words in the quilt block name are found in biblical passages but names are not overtly biblical. For example Open Window refers to when Noah opened the window of the ark after the flood (Genesis 8:1-7); Brick Pile, when Pharaoh told the children of Israel to make bricks without straw (Exodus 5:3-9); Rising Sun in reference to praising God (Psalm 113: 1-9); and Emerald Block is used in describing heaven (Revelation 21:15-20). The Bible Sampler Quilt Book is required in order to participate. Cost: $5 each month.

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