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      Read information about our policy on used machines and trade-ins.

      Birdhouse Quilts does purchase used machines and takes used machines on trade-ins. Decisions to acquire machines is made on a case-by-case basis. Here is a list of basic requirements to meet before we can consider a system and make a proposal on value.

      1) Due to the fact that we plan to resell the machines and warranty them for a year, the quoted trade price will be based on wholesale value of the system. Many factors go into determining the proposed offer therefore, no two systems are necessarily quoted at the same dollar amount.

      2) We must receive digital photos of the head, stand, and accessories - as well as the serial number before a determination can be made. We must also receive digital photos of the current and new locations prior to receiving a quote. Email this information to

      3) Birdhouse Quilts reserves the right to decline any machine for any reason.

      4) Under the same stipulations, we may accept used machines on trade-in for the purchase of new systems.

      5) The customer is responsible for the accuracy and thoroughness of the information given. If this information is found to be inaccurate, Birdhouse Quilts reserves the right to decline the offer - even at the time we physically acquire the machine.

      6) Private Sales.  Birdhouse Quilts will list your Gammill machine on our website but details of the sale are the seller's sole responsibility. Birdhouse Quilts is acting only as a "place of contact" and is not endorsing or recommending any particular machine.  Birdhouse Quilts can assist in the move within Georgia and South Carolina. However, Birdhouse Quilts will not warranty these private sales.

      Delivery Fees
      Freehand, Vision Retrofits and Breeze Retrofits - Starts at $1,000.00
      Elevate Retrofits - Starts at $1250.00
      Statler and Statler Retrofits - Starts at $1,500.00

      Check the boxes below for the machines you are interested in and we will forward your information to the seller.  If you do not receive a response from the seller within 10 working days, please let us know at

      Please note: When you place an ad on the website, scammers may/WILL contact you.